Five Things You Should Know About Solar Panels

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Solar energy is a popular form of green energy but there are a few things you should know about solar panels before investing your money in a solar energy system. Read this article to learn more about solar panels and make sure solar energy is a good option for you.

Solar panels are divided in three tiers depending on their performance and quality. The solar panels from the top tier are the most expensive ones but they also represent a much better investment. Solar panels from manufacturers not listed within the top tier will produce less power. Look up more information about the top tier online to get an idea of which brands you should choose.

New technologies are more expensive but they are a lot more efficient than the solar panels available on the market five years ago. A lot of small vendors cannot afford to purchase new solar panels until they get rid of their entire stock. Many small vendors are still trying to sell solar panels they purchased years ago. This technology is not up to date anymore and you should be able to get a much more performing product for the same price by purchasing your solar panels through a manufacturer.

Assess how much energy you need in a day. If possible, reduce your energy consumption before investing in a solar energy system. The amount of energy you need for your household will determine how many solar panels you need for your home. Keep in mind that you might be able to save money by investing in a more expensive and performing technology. Choosing expensive panels that can produce more energy means you will need less panels for your system.

Solar energy is ideal in extremely sunny areas. Your solar panels will not produce enough power for your home unless you can count on at least five hours of exposure to the sun. Some clouds in the sky or a small shadow on your panels can greatly reduce their performance. The wattage of the solar panels you purchase can be achieved in perfect conditions. Do not expect your solar panels to produce as much energy as their wattage. The amount of energy your solar panels can produce will greatly depend on your exposure to the sun. Other forms of green energy might be a better option for you if you do not live in a sunny area.

If you do not want to invest in a full-scale solar energy system, look into getting a small scale system. You can easily power one appliance with one or two solar panels. These small systems are offered by most vendors and you should be able to find vendors willing to build a customized small scale system if you want to power a specific appliance. A small scale solar energy system will help you reduce your energy bills and you should get a return on your investment within a couple of years.

You should have a better idea of whether or not solar energy is a good option for you after going over this article. If you are not ready for solar energy, stay up to date with new technologies since prices will eventually become more affordable.

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