Quick Tips for Using Solar Energy

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Everyone wants to go green today, and that means investigating all sorts of energy production methods. Solar is one of the simplest and most affordable methods on the market, and learning more about it is key before investing in it. This article will give you many tips and tricks you can use to benefit from the sun’s power.

The easiest way to dip your toes into the solar energy pool is by installing solar-powered landscape lighting. You can light up a path or your driveway with solar lamps along the edges, or even buy a floodlight which is motion-activated which runs on a battery powered up all day long. Even your waterfall or pond equipment can be powered by solar panels today; so, check out your local outdoor supply store to see what options are available today.

When you are building a new home, that is the best time to investigate solar energy. You can literally design the home, with the help of an architect, so that it is built in a way which enhances its use of the sun. For example, placing windows in the sunniest location allows the home to heat up in the winter. You can also place trees where the sun shines the brightest in the summer to shade your home to keep it cool.

On top of the placement of the house in reference to internal temperature, the roof and landscaping can be placed to maximize the amount of sunlight solar panels can receive. You can either leave a space in the yard for a sun-tracking panel array, or face the roof in the best direction for panels to receive sunlight. You can even create a flat roof on which you can install a sun-tracker. There are many ways to change the design of a house to maximize solar power generation.

You can use solar power for more than just electricity production. Using black water pipes can allow you to heat your water just by having sunlight hit the pipes. You can lay them across your roof or a sun-facing wall and the water will heat up while the water flows through them. This can be used to heat floors by running the water beneath them, or just for your shower, sinks, and appliances.

Speaking of heating water, if you have a hot tub or pool you can also use the sun to heat them up. All you need to do is purchase a solar cover and ensure that you put it on the body of water every day. That will ensure that the water is the perfect temperature when you are ready to go for a dip. It won’t cost you a cent to heat that water, saving you tons in utility bills.

With all of these great tips in mind, you are ready to start using solar energy to make your home greener. That will ensure that you aren’t harming the environment, while you are also able to save money on powering your life. In the end, this is a great way to make your life easier and your home less costly.

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